Should You Wear Gloves When Hitting a Heavy Bag?

Most boxers and MMA fighters are always concerned about this specific question. So, should you wear gloves when punching a heavy bag? A heavy bag typically weighs between 70-200 pounds.

That is a very heavyweight to be punching without gloves. You can, however, be punching a heavy bag with or without gloves.

Benefits of punching heavy bag with gloves

Heavy bags are a bit too heavy to be hitting without any hand gear such as gloves. Hitting heavyweights with gloves provide protection from possible damage to the knuckles, hands and wrists. They are heavily padded to protect your hand from the direct impact that would be disastrous.

Wearing gloves prevents sudden movements in the thumbs and fingers at large. They also separate the fingers from pushing into each other as you hit the heavy bag.

Gloves absorb the shock from hitting the heavy bag. The gloves soften the vibrations coming from the heavy bag to protect the user from spraining and hurting.

Gloves are designed with an extension to the wrist. They, therefore, keep the wrist straight to prevent unwanted movements and impact that may cause sprains.

As mentioned, you can also hit a heavy bag without gloves. Many a time, players will be advised to train without gloves to strengthen their knuckles. The wrist and forearm also benefit from hitting the heavy bag without gloves. It also builds endurance, especially to the knuckles.

MMA gloves are a great and necessary gear to start off with when training with a heavy bag. However, not all MMA gloves are suitable for this kind of training. Those suited for heavy bag hitting are more like boxing gloves, but they allow for comfort while training.

They are padded heavily for maximum protection to your knuckles. Also, the gloves you use for training are not the same as those used for professional playing. So, here are some MMA gloves that can be used for training.

Training gloves can actually be used for everything you can think about. They are fit for sparring, hitting a heavy bag, or any training you are into. They are versatile and can be a great catch, especially if you are in a budget.

Training gloves can be used for MMA training, boxing or even Muay Thai. Training gloves should however not be confused for boxing gloves. They are bigger in size and have a different design. These gloves come in a range of sizes and shapes.

To benefit from training gloves as you hit your heavy bag, you need to choose the right size. An 8-12 oz training glove is ideal for MMA fighters less than 100 lbs. A user below 100lbs is suited by gloves up to size 14oz while those above 150 can try the 14-17 oz gloves, it’s recommended to fit the gloves as the make may be different as well as the fitting.

Bag gloves are commonly referred to as heavy bag gloves. These gloves are specially designed to protect your knuckles and fists, property gloves used for heavy bag punching should have.

Bag gloves are perfect for heavy bag punching since the focus of the design is in protecting you and not the opponent. They are designed with increased wrists support. They also have extra dense padding which absorbs the vibrations from the impact. Some feature a design with a hand grip for better training.

Luckily, they are versatile as they can be used for training with other bags like speedbags, hence their name. Bag gloves come in a range of sizes like different types of gloves. They range from 6-18 oz, but most manufacturers do not cater for under size 12. It’s essential to select the right kind for comfort while training with a heavy bag. Bag gloves are not recommended for sparring.

Traditional MMA Gloves are the kind of gloves you see in the UFC. These gloves are fingerless and very light. If you are bothered by the weight in other gloves, then the traditional gloves are what you may be looking for. They are usually 4-6 ounces.

Traditional gloves are designed to protect against cuts and scrapes while training. The padding may, however, not be adequate for long hours of training. They are not the best for heavy bag hitting, but they can suffice. They are excellent when you are training a specific technique.

Fight gloves are similar to traditional MMA gloves. They are improved with some unique materials that reduce the impact of punches. They also prevent the user from suffering cuts and scrapes from the punching bag. These gloves are recommended for professional fights since they are very light. They, however, come with minimal padding and hence may not offer any meaningful protection for heavy bag punching.

Sparring gloves are heavily padded at the front and top of your hand. They are a viable choice for hitting a heavy bag. They weigh between 7-10 ounces, which is average. They are also designed to offer maximum protection for your wrists as well as knuckles.

Sparring gloves are exceptionally great with heavy bag hitting since they designed for striking and punching. The fingers are, however, not segmented and cannot, therefore, be used for grappling. These gloves are suitable as they protect both the user and the partner during training.

Hybrid gloves are designed to meet the shortcomings of sparring gloves. They are a way to have it all as the padding goes up to the second finger. The heavy padding offers protection while punching but also allows for you to grapple. Hybrid gloves are 75% sparring gloves and 25% traditional gloves. They come in handy for heavy bag hitting for that reason.

How to choose gloves for hitting a heavy bag?


A heavy bag is hefty and may lead to extreme hurt if care is not taken. Gloves for heavy bag punching should, therefore, be heavily padded to reduce the impact from the bag to the knuckles. The gloves should be specially padded on the top and front area around the knuckles. They should also be extended around the wrist to prevent accidents.


You should ensure you are choosing the right size gloves for your hands. The wrong size of gloves could mean that the impact goes straight to your knuckles or your wrists are exposed to the danger of spraining.


A more reputable brand is better for choosing gloves as you will be guaranteed of safety. Renowned brands also offer warranty in case your gloves are not exactly what you expected.


Gloves do not have to cost an arm and a leg! You need to ensure you are choosing the right gloves for hitting a heavy bag that come with a reasonable price tag. You can also maximize by buying multi-use gloves to cut on costs. Even on a budget, there is always the right, high-quality glove for you!

Hand wraps

When you are not training with gloves, hand wraps are also a viable option. Some people do not prefer MMA gloves as some tend to be very heavy. Hand wraps offer the necessary protection while keeping the weight at bay. Hand wraps are a great way to provide an extra layer of padding around the back of the hand to avoid direct impact. They also absorb the sudden vibrations which occur when you directly punch the heavy bag.

Hand wraps also serve the same purpose as gloves; they provide padding though minimal, which protects your knuckles. They also prevent your knuckles from separating while you hit the heavy bag.

Since hand wraps force your fingers together, you are assured that the fingers won’t move suddenly due to impact or push into your palm as you train with your heavy bad.

It’s however, important to remember that hand wraps do not provide much protection for your knuckles. You are likely to end up with scratched and bleeding knuckles from the heavy bag. You, therefore, need to consider that when throwing punches.

Hand wraps should be used only once or twice a week max when training with a heavy bag. For the best outcome, hand wraps should be used inside of gloves, whether in a professional fight or just for training.

Heavy bag training is a recommended training regimen for building a fighter’s strength and punching power. For the heavy bag workout to benefit you as an MMA fighter, you need to have the appropriate gear; gloves are one such gear.

Gloves that are appropriate for heavy bag hitting should be heavily padded and with hand wraps. These hand wraps protect your wrists from twisting and suffering cuts and bruises.

It’s essential to select the right type of gloves if you are an MMA fighter training with heavy bags. You should also find a proper balance between training with and without gloves when hitting a heavy bag.

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